Backbeat (2023): List of All Tricks and How Many Style Points They Give

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If you played Backbeat and you’ve been wondering what Style Points (SP) are and what they give you, look no further. This article will shed some light on what SP is and how they are connected to tricks. 

Style Points is a reward you get for performing tricks. The more SP you have, the higher the level of your band is and the more instrument variants and effects are available for your characters to make your inner James Brown shine. If you want to unlock all cosmetics stuff in the game, you’ll need to accumulate 12,000 SP.

Here’s the list of all instruments and effects that will become available to you in Backbeat once you reach 12,000 mark.

Backbeat Josh
Backbeat Chaz
Backbeat Toshi
Instruments Standard
Synth bass
Slap bass
Breakbeat drums
Brush kit
Baritone sax
Standard sax
Effects Clean
Clean Clean

And now, that you looked at the “goodies”, it’s time to see what tricks can net you SP points and how much they are worth.

Star PowerTriggered every second time a character uses his/her power move65
Skin and IvoryTriggered by an overlapping solo with Josh and Toshi60
Group StopTriggered once at level completion if everyone reached the goal at the same point in the timeline60
Wood and BrassTriggered by an overlapping solo with Watts and Chaz60
Solo SlideTriggered when Toshi does a power move directly into an interact solo60
OutroTriggered once at level completion if Chaz is the last character into the goal area70
Slappa da BassTriggered when Watts starts the level for two bars while all others rest60
Party CrasherTriggered for every wall break after the first70
PedestrianTriggered once at level completion if Watts’ walking bass power move accounts for more than 50% of her movement turns70
HandoffTriggered by two solos by different characters adjacent in the timeline80
Walking SoloTriggered by Watts doing a walking bass power move directly into an interact80
Well AlignedTriggered once at level completion if solos on a given character were started on four bar intervals100
KeymasterTriggered once for each character when he/she opens a second door in a single level100
MinimalistTriggered once at level completion if no super powers have been used at all in a given character50
Back and ForthTriggered by three solos adjacent in a row alternating between two characters100
SpotlightTriggered once each time Josh’s wall break is used one bar before a solo to make it stand out100

Some tricks can be performed several times on one level, so you absolutely can and need to exploit this opportunity to rack up some sweet SP. The game has 13 main missions (that count for Style Points) and a bunch of side missions which is more than enough to get the necessary amount. 

If you aim to get all achievements/trophies in Backbeat game, please, refer to my dedicated guide, where you can get tips on how to get them with no fuss.

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