Backbeat (2023) Roadmap & Trophy Guide

by RedKnopka
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  • Offline trophies: 24 (1, 6, 11, 6)
  • Missable trophies: no, there’s a level select
  • Glitched trophies: none
  • Difficulty trophies: none
  • Platforms: PS4, PS5
  • PS4/PS5 crossbuy: yes
  • Region stacks: no
  • Autopop: no


Backbeat is a strategic puzzle game with a funkish twist. It was developed by indie studio Ichigoichie and is set in 1990s America. You have four characters to control, four threads in time, each of whom is responsible for a specific instrument and has their own unique move pattern. Your objective is to reach the goal area within a certain amount of moves, creating a funk masterpiece along the way. You can rewind as much as you want until you’re satisfied with the result. If you’ve played Peaky Blinders, or heard about this game, then Backbeat is kind of the same, but it is tied to music and rhythm, it is the main theme here.

In total, there are 27 main levels and 20 additional levels. You don’t have to get S-rank for additional levels and it’s possible to get platinum without playing them all but one, although they do make Gearhead trophy easier. Stages up to 6-1 serve as tutorials that teach basic ropes of the game. Starting 6-1, gameplay gradually gets more complicated, a player is introduced to new mechanics and have more things to worry about when aiming for S-rank. 

All to all, the game is not difficult and there are no missable trophies. All levels can be replayed as many times as you need to get better results or a specific trick and/or trophy. 

General info, terms


Timeline is an indicator of your overall activity on a stage, it keeps track of how many moves you have in total, how many you spent and have left, when your characters turn, use power moves and perform solos. It’s very useful and helps you improve your performance to get higher score.

Power moves

Power moves are introduced at stages 12-1 and 13-1. Each character has a unique one.

“Watts” (bass) – Walks in small steps, which allows her to cover more ground.

Josh (drums) – Can break through walls, effectively creating shortcuts.

Toshi (keys) – Can slide through some obstacles (ex., bags of sand, NPCs).

Chaz (sax) – Can force NPCs to move/deter from their normal route.

These are very helpful to get higher rankings and are basically a necessity if you aim to get lots of Style Points (SP). They are actually intertwined with some puzzle solutions, so using them is pretty much a must on some levels. Plus, they can make your composition shine if done right.

You use special ability by holding L2 and pressing X while pointing a direction with left stick. You can’t use power moves whenever you feel like, however. First, your Power Meter needs to be charged up either by resting or making a move. You can check the current status at the bottom right corner, the bar is to the left of a character’s picture. Note, that you also need to have enough moves left on the timeline to be able to perform an ability, as it “eats up” at least half of the bar (in case of Josh, it can take up a full bar). On the timeline, special abilities are marked as stars.


Metrics are indicators of how well you perform on a given stage. It updates your potential score after each move so you can rewind/correct your decision in real time depending on what you see there. If a metric drops to zero, you won’t be able to make a move and will have to rest ‘till it refills a bit.

There is a total of four metrics, Stagger, Align, Solo and Assist. However, they are not introduced all together. The first one you encounter is at stage 6-1, and it’s called Stagger.

To quote Cliff, Stagger “allows to keep the flow of music organic by everyone changing directions at different times.” In layman terms, your characters need to turn at different points of the game to keep Stagger meter high. Turns are marked as tiny play buttons on the timeline. It’s easy to follow early in the game and you will have no problem getting S, or even S+ rank until later stages.

Second metric is Align and it’s introduced on stage 10-1 “Give and Take.” Now, you can’t have your characters turn or interact whenever you feel like it, you ought to keep an eye on bar intervals, so that “music progresses in a more pleasant manner.” It helps to keep Align meter high to have characters turn/interact solos when you reach vertical marks on the timeline. If your next move places an action in between them, it’s best to rest for a turn or two until the next bar. Keep in mind, that you also have Stagger, you still can’t perform turns and actions at the same time with several characters. Although, it’s worth noting that the game can be forgiving. If you make a move that hurts Stagger or doesn’t Align well, you still can get S rank, but you need to be smart with it and not overdo it.

Last two meters, Solo and Assist, appear on stage 18-1. They are exactly what they sound like. With Solo, you need to let characters “do their magic” one after another without anyone butting in. Assist, on the contrary, requires you to have two characters (Toshi/Josh, Watts/Chaz, Watts/Toshi, Josh/Chaz) start their solo at the same time. A good move, when going for S-rank, would be to have these two parameters, Solo and Assist, switch back and forth like this: Solo – Assist – Solo – Assist (as an example). Stagger won’t get hurt, if you activate two solos at the same time. And, of course, Align everything!

Don’t get discouraged if you see a metric drops. You can’t keep them all maxed out all the time. It’s just not possible. Like the name of level 10-1 suggests, it’s about giving and taking in order to create something magical.

Style Points (SP)

You get to learn about style points at stage 14-1. SP is tied to your band level. The higher your band level is, the more instrument variants and effects is available for you. To unlock all of them, you’ll need to get at least 12,000 SP.

The way you earn SP is by performing tricks. There is a total of 16 tricks in the game and you unlock them all after completing level 14-1. You can exploit some tricks on one level multiple times to rack up more SP. Getting 12,000 is not particularly difficult, however, if you do struggle to accumulate necessary amount in main story alone, there are enough side missions that can help you get the rest.


Step 1. Just play through Backbeat main story (optional)

It’s recommended that you first just enjoy the game and don’t stress about ranks. Getting S is not particularly difficult here, but some stages might take you a couple of hours to solve, depending on how good you are at puzzles. So, just play, learn the mechanics and all the neaty-beaty tricks and by the end of the main story you should get an understanding of how the game works and how you can make things work for you. 

If, however, you feel like jumping straight into action and want to focus on Legend trophy right from the get-go, then, please, refer to my separate guide, that will help you get S rank for all main story stages. 

By the end of this step, you will get at least these trophies:

Swan Song
The art of sound
The father of sole
In the step 2525

Step 2. Replay levels focusing on S-rank

Getting rank S is not difficult. Game is forgiving and allows certain leeway when you work on metrics. While going for high score, you will, most likely, also get trophies for each of the metrics, as you need to have them full for high score anyway. So, after this step, you should have following trophies:

Step 3. Replay levels focusing on Style Points and tricks, misc trophies

Now, that S-ranks are out of the way, you can focus on getting enough Style Points for Gearhead and other misc trophies. This is basically a clean-up. If you don’t want to replay same old levels, feel free to try side missions. Remember though, that the game rewards SP only starting stages 14-1. Anything before that is not worth going back to other than for fun.  

platinum trophy

By the book

Collect all other achievements
swan song

Swan song

Clear the main story
Bronze trophy
You get this trophy after completing main story.
swan song


Clear all main story missions up to level 21 with a rank of C or higher
Bronze trophy
You get this trophy for getting at least C-rank for all main levels. For more information on ranking, refer to Legend trophy.
swan song


Clear all main story missions up to level 21 with a rank of B or higher
Silver trophy
You get this trophy for getting at least B-rank for all main levels. For more information on ranking, refer to Legend trophy.


Clear all main story missions up to level 21 with a rank of A or higher
Silver trophy
You get this trophy for getting at least A-rank for all main levels. For more information on ranking, refer to Legend trophy.


Clear all main story missions up to level 21 with a rank of S or higher
Gold trophy
You unlock this trophy for getting at least S for all main story levels. You’ll also obtain Novice, Intermediate and Advanced, if you haven’t already, as these trophies stack.

After level 6-1 every stage gets ranking. Ranking doesn’t give much or unlock anything in the game, you need it only for trophies.

Ranking depends on your metrics. The more each of them is filled, the higher your rank will be. The best you can get is S+, the worst is C. The game is forgiving though, and even if you make a few mistakes, it’s still possible to get S. If you have problems with any of the levels, feel free to refer to my separate guide for this trophy.


The art of sound

Unlock all tricks
Gold trophy
This trophy unlocks automatically after completing stage 14-1. The level introduces such thing as Style Points (SP). You need to get at least 12,000 SP to unlock all instruments and effects needed for Gearhead trophy. For more detailed information refer to that trophy.


Unlock all instruments/effects
Gold trophy

To unlock all instruments and effects for all characters, you need to accumulate 12,000 SP which you learn about on stage 14-1. You get SP for performing tricks. There is a total of 16 tricks in Backbeat and you can perform some of them multiple times on one stage. You absolutely need to do that when going for high SP.

Keep in mind, that in some cases it can hurt your rank. However, the game remembers your best result in each category for every level. So, you don’t need to go fo both at the same time. You can focus on one thing first and then replay the stage and do the other if you need to. Below you can find the full list of stuff that you need to unlock to get the trophy.

Backbeat Josh
Backbeat Chaz
Backbeat Toshi
Instruments Standard
Synth bass
Slap bass
Breakbeat drums
Brush kit
Baritone sax
Standard sax
Effects Clean
Clean Clean

To get more information on tricks, please, refer to every trick in the bookEvery trick in the book trophy.


Hidden tape

Clear a Remix level
Silver trophy
The trophy pops after you complete a side mission.

It takes two to tango

Clear a level with full Assist metric
Silver trophy
The earliest you can unlock the trophy is at stage 18-1. Assist requires you to have two characters start their solos at the same time. Keep in mind, that Assist is mutually exclusive with Solo, so you will have to figure out a way to balance both. More information on Assist and other metrics, you can find here.

Toot your own horn

Clear a level with full Solo metric
Silver trophy
The earliest you can unlock the trophy is at stage 18-1. To have Solo full you need to let one of your characters perform solo without anyone else butting in to starting theirs. Solo and Assist metrics are mutually exclusive, so you need to find a good balance/combo to have them both full. More information on Solo and other metrics you can find here.

Oh, how the turn tables

Clear a level with full Stagger metric
Silver trophy

The earliest you can unlock the trophy is at stage 6-1. To have Stagger metric full you need to keep an eye on when your characters turn. As long as they don’t do it at the same time, you should have no problem keeping your Stagger full. More information on Stagger and other metrics you can find here. If you have difficulties with the trophy, check out the video below.


Bona fide Necrodancer

Clear a level with full Align metric
Silver trophy
The earliest you can unlock the trophy is at stage 10-1. To ensure that your Align metric is full, your characters need to turn and perform power moves/solos at vertical marks on the timeline. If they do it at the same time, however, it will hurt Stagger, so you need to balance both if you aim for high score. More information on Align and other metrics you can find here.
pure perfection

Pure perfection

Clear a level with all metrics full
Gold trophy

The earliest you can unlock the trophy is at stage 18-1. This is when your skills start to come to a test. From now on you have all four metrics to worry about if you aim for S rank. Stagger, Align, Solo and Assist.

Firt, make sure your characters don’t turn and/or do power moves at the same time. Starting solo and turning/doing a power move at the same exact moment is fine and doesn’t hurt Stagger. You can also do power move/turn while someone is performing solo. It won’t hurt the metric.

Now, Align. Perform any action move when your character reaches vertical mark on the timeline to keep it full. Don’t forget that your characters don’t have to make noise all the time, you can rest by pressing . So, if you are a few steps away from the next bar, it might be worth waiting before making a move.

Solo and Assist are mutually exclusive. It’s best to have them lined up like so, Solo-Assist-Solo-Assist (as an example), to keep both metrics full. Start solos at vertical marks on the timeline and you won’t hurt Align. Also, it’s preferable to have Solo and Assist connected. For example, when Solo ends, Assist starts straight away and so on. But if you happen to have a half-bar gap between the two at one point, you should still be able to get S for a stage.

It might sound overwhelming, to work all four metrics at once, but by the time you reach stage 18-1, you should have gotten used to the game and have an understanding on its mechanics. More information on metrics you can find here.

every trick in the book

Every trick in the book

Perform each trick at least once in any level
Gold trophy
There is a total of 16 tricks in the game that you need to perform at least once. You can start doing it at stage 14-1. Full list of tricks and their description along with their style points value you can find here.
swan song

If you can dodge a wrench…

Use Toshi’s power slide to dodge a car
Bronze trophy
Toshi’s power move allows him to slide through obstacles, like, sand bags, NPS and cars. For the purpose of this trophy Toshi needs to slide through a vehicle. The best (and probably the only) opportunity to do this is at stage 17-1 where there are lots of moving cars. Make sure your Power meter is full and do your thing. The trophy unlocks at the end of the level.
the weight

The weight

Rest with all characters at the same time
Bronze trophy
Resting is what characters do when they stand at their spot and do nothing. It doesn’t give any penalties to your score, on the contrary, if you have a metric empty, then resting can help refill it. Also, keep in mind that resting use up moves on the timeline. To make a character rest you press . For the purpose of this trophy you need to have all four characters standing at their spots at the same time. This might come naturally as you play and figure out puzzles but even if not, just choose any level and do the thing. The trophy unlocks at the end of the level.

Band of Theseus

Play a level with all characters using new instruments
Bronze trophy
The trophy won’t be obtainable until much later in the game, after you unlock tricks and can get style points for them. More on that, please, refer to Gearhead trophy and also check out this article for full list of tricks in the game. If we talk about this trophy specifically, you need to replace default instruments with unlocked variants for all characters and then play and finish any stage. It’s possible to unlock the trophy in Epilogue even though you have only three characters there.
epic sax guy

Epic sax guy

Perform multiple solos with Chaz
Bronze trophy
For this trophy Chaz needs to do solos three or more times. This can be tricky to achieve on earlier stages, therefore, I would not recommend bother with it until stage 17. You can keep Chaz in the beginning of the level next to the lever and make him interact with it 3 times. This puzzle will have you interact with the lever at least twice, but you have more than enough moves to squeeze in third solo and make it to the exit area. The trophy will pop after you complete the level.

This little maneuver is gonna cost us 51 stagger

Turn with all 4 characters at the same time
Silver trophy
Just a warning for this one. If you turn with all for characters at the same time, it will plummet your Stagger, so don’t try this if you go for S rank. The trophy will unlock after you complete the stage.

The father of sole

Walk 500 steps with Watts using her power move
Silver trophy
The trophy should come to you naturally as you make your way through the game as long as you keep using Watts’ power move. A side note about it, however. You can’t deactivate her special ability once you started it and you can’t rest while her power move is active.
friday night funk

Friday night funk

Play the game Friday night
Bronze trophy
This trophy unlocks if you play the game on Friday from 18:30 to 23:30. It’s possible to unlock it on any other day and time if you change system settings. Note that you won’t get the trophy after playing very first level. For this you need to complete at least stage 3-1b.

In the step 2525

Take 2525 steps in the game
Silver trophy
The trophy should pop naturally while you make your way through the story. Just keep playing and it will be unlocked sooner or later.

Funk-cost sallacy

Get a solution on level 20-2, then rewind all characters and solve it again
Gold trophy
Stage 20-2 is not a main story level, you don’t need to get rank S here if you don’t want to. For the trophy you just need to solve the puzzle, then rewind all characters and solve it again. Pretty much like description tells you.

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