Upcoming Server Shutdowns & Delistings

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Nothing lasts forever, even games. Especially in their digital form. Small indie titles don’t tend to have physical copies so the only way to get them is to purchase them in a digital store. With that even if a game is removed from the shop at some point, you will still have it in your library indefinitely. Or, at least until servers are alive and stable. 

Games with online elements, and especially the ones with online trophies, have a special place in trophy hunters’ mind. Those who aim for 100% completion should be twice as vigilante with titles like these, as you can never know how long a game will last and when servers will get hammered. Even a fresh release doesn’t guarantee a game a long life.  

Because of this it’s vital to keep an eye on the news of future server shutdowns and delistings. If a developer is understanding and attentive to their gamer base, they can send a warning before their game becomes unavailable. But this is not always the case.

Below is a list of upcoming server shutdowns and delistings. Information is taken from open sources.

On october 3rd, 2023, developer Puny Human published a letter announcing company shutdown. Because of that, GALACIDE (US exclusive), is at a risk of being delisted any time in foreseeable future.
GameDateAdditional Notes
Battlefield 1943 [PS3]December 8th, 2023
Battlefield Bad Company [PS3]December 8th, 2023
Battlefield Bad Company 2 [PS3]December 8th, 2023
Dante’s Inferno [PS3]December 8th, 2023
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst [PS4]December 8th, 2023
Guns Up! [PS4]December 14th, 2023
NBA 2k22 [PS4, PS5]December 31st, 2023
WWE 2k22 [PS4, PS5]January 3rd, 2023
MLB The Show 19 [PS4]January 5th, 2024
MLB The Show 20 [PS4]January 5th, 2024
AC Liberation HD [PS3]January 25th, 2024Online servers will be shutdown
Gran Turismo Sport [PS4]January 31st, 2024
Friday the 13th [PS4]December 31st, 2024Most trophies are already unobtainable after the latest patch.
NBA 2k23 [PS4, PS5]December 31st, 2024
Micro Machines World Series [PS4]March 21, 2024Platinum might already be unobtainable
F1 2011 [PS3]March 21, 2024
F1 2012 [PS3]March 21, 2024
F1 2013 [PS3]March 21, 2024
F1 2014 [PS3]March 21, 2024
F1 Race Stars [PS3]March 21, 2024
Hunt: Showdown [PS4]April 2024No actual date as of yet. Closure can happen anytime during/soon after April
Ticket to Ride: Classic EditionApril 2024No online trophies. Game will be removed from the store
NBA 2k24 [PS4, PS5]December 31st, 2025

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